I'm guessing there have been abortions when the parents found out in ultrasound they had a Heqet pregnancy. Also, you could use vulgar slurs related to tongues+sex. Hell, since the character likes cats somebody might call him a pussy-licker.

Good God, anon, it took me a minute to realise what you were talking about.

About the abortion thing, seeing as it’s a touchy subject, I’m still fine tuning exactly how I want it all to go down. But the short and sweet answer is, yes, unfortunately there will be hysterical parents aborting their kids left and right, when Heqet first shows up, and even long after.

As for the latter part of your ask, yes, technically someone could resort to using that kind of slur. But really, is it necessary for my story? No, it honestly isn’t. On top of that, the characters have more than enough obvious material to fuel their name calling, slur slinging needs. Let’s not bring sex and pet preferences into it, alright?

So, no, other than the Heqet related slurs you see me make reference to in-story, you’re not gonna see anything beyond common, everyday curse words.

While we’re on the subject, and because I’ve gotten similar questions/comments, I would like to take this chance to say that the focus of my story is not to see how vulgar or down and dirty I can get with my concept and characters. Things like this are not relevant to me OR my story.

Yes, I am trying to create a believable concept that some, if not most people can relate to and hopefully enjoy. And yes, there will be drama, and dark aspects, but only as plot devices to move the story along. That being said, I won’t delve too deeply into those aspects if I deem them unnecessary.

Also, please don’t ask me exactly what aspects I’ll be exploring, because even I don’t know yet, and  believe me, I’m still a long way from figuring it out.